Economic Forum Highlights China’s Rise in Blockchain R&D

Blockchain technology will likely boost financial inclusion, but there’s still some way to go before a major impact is felt, according to industry experts speaking in China last week. At the 2017 Boao Forum for Asia annual conference in Hainan Province, speakers including Li Lihui, former president of the Bank of China, and Shi Wenchao, president of Chinese bank card provider UnionPay...

Bitcoin May Switch to an Alternative Proof-of-work Algorithm in the Future

It is evident major changes will come to the bitcoin ecosystem as we know it today. No one knows for sure what the future may bring, and different contingency plans are being drafted as we peak. One post on Bitcointalk talks about developing an alternative proof-of-work algorithm for bitcoin moving forward. An intriguing concept, although there is still a lot of work to be done. UPGRADING...

Bitfinex Launches Chain Split Tokens For Bitcoin Core and Bitcoin Unlimited

The ongoing debacle between Bitcoin Core and Bitcoin Unlimited has caused quite a few heated debates. Exchanges are forced to take a stance on how they plan to handle a potential bitcoin hard fork. Bitfinex has announced the introduction of Chain Split Tokens, which are a rather unique product. Both tokens will be traded in BTC and USD pairs, without margin trading opportunities. WHAT ARE CHAIN...

BitFury Becomes Desperate and Threatens to Sue Bitcoin Developers

When you thought things couldn’t get any more interesting, George Kikvadze, Vice Chairman of BitFury firing some shots on twitter. According to him, those that might possibly change the POW protocol for Bitcoin will get prosecuted to the fullest extent. It is obvious why BitFury is terrified of a POW change, the company raised over $90M in funding which could become futile if Bitcoin’s consensus...

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