Panasonic Among New Contributors to Hyperledger’s Iroha Project

Five new companies are contributing to Iroha, one of several projects attached to the Hyperledger blockchain initiative. Among the companies joining is Japanese electronics conglomerate Panasonic, marking its first major foray into the blockchain space. Other firms involved include Indetail, Intec, CAC and NTT Data, the last of which is a founding member of Hyperledger. Unveiled last year, Iroha...

Beijing City Regulator Calls For Blockchain Standards

An official with Beijing’s municipal government is calling for the country to adopt a “standard” approach to blockchain development. According to a speech published by Sina Finance, Huo Xuewen, secretary of Beijing’s Municipal Bureau of Finance (a group that sets the city’s economic strategy), invoked the need for “healthy” progress in the blockchain...

Different Ways and Methods of Selecting a Secured Credit Card

A credit card is mandatory in our society. Even if you don’t need it for your loan, it is necessary to do shopping online to book a car, hotel, airfare or a hotel on vacation. If you are not eligible for a regular credit card, a secured one may be the only solution for you. A secured credit card is “plastic”, which uses cash deposit as collateral. There is usually a limit for the amount of cash...

Scaling Consensus? This Turing Winner Thinks He’s Found a Way

If a public blockchain is to be successful — whether its use is for currencies, smart contracts or something else entirely — it needs a consensus algorithm that can scale. While the race is on to develop a system that can do just that, a recent design by an eminent scholar could mark an advancement in this long-held quest. That design is called algorand, and its creator is MIT professor Silvio...

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