The Push for a Cashless Society Could Be an Opportunity for Bitcoin

The idea of a cashless society has long been touted by government and bank officials around the world for a variety of regulatory, financial and political reasons. For one, a cashless society would give governments and banks more power over people’s money. For example, the concept of negative interest rates falls apart if everyone is holding physical cash. Bloomberg recently published an...

SWIFT 2.0? Ripple Signs Major Banks to Blockchain Payments Deal

Today, Ripple announced that they have struck an accord, a first of its kind, with several major banking interests to created the GPSG, or the Global Payments Steering Group. Bitcoin has been the king of digital coins for a long time, and no altcoin has really been able to make a mainstream dent in its domain to this point. Ethereum had its run to start the year, but it devised its own roadblock...

Central banks explore blockchain to create digital currencies

Trailblazers including UK, Russia, China seek to cash in on bitcoin breakthrough “If you can’t beat them, join them,” could well be the mantra for the world’s central bankers. Having watched as bitcoin went from obscure experiment in digital money to a currency with a market value of almost $10bn, they themselves are now experimenting with digital currencies rather than waiting idly to be swept...

Opinion: 7 gifts that mutual fund companies should give investors now

Mutual fund companies can’t guarantee great results, but they could give shareholders honest and clear disclosure that helps investors properly use and understand the funds they own or are interested in. Which is why I wish the fund industry would treat investors better. My holiday wish list is filled with ideas that most industry insiders scoff at, right up to the point when performance lags or...


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