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Commitment to RSS, etc. feed providers

To make things clear, we formally state our commitment to the RSS, etc. feed providers as follows

  1. We will always clearly indicate that any headlines, stories or content are absolutely, and indisputably, the provider’s copyright and are clearly labelled as such with the © symbol and the provider’s name wherever possible and appropriate.
  2. We will always clearly indicate that any RSS, Twitter, Facebook, etc. news feeds wholly belong to the provider, in any accompanying table headers, banners, text, Disclaimer and Copyright pages, etc. associated with the news feed display(s).
  3. We will always directly link any RSS feed(s) to the story, feature or article concerned on the provider’s own website pages, and will never go through any other intermediate (interstitial) website or traffic route.
  4. The news feeds appearing on our pages will be automatically updated regularly (usually, on average, every 30 minutes), to correctly reflect the updated RSS, etc. feed output being generated by the provider’s company.
  5. Wherever possible, the provider’s company name at the top of any news, etc. feed will link directly to the provider’s own website home page, or to the provider’s RSS, etc. feed page concerned.
  6. We will never ‘pass off’ the provider’s news feed service as our own, and will always give it full credit, as described in the paragraphs above.
  7. The provider’s news feed will always be separated from any other news feeds, advertising, or other page content, by being contained within a delineated box, clearly indicating it as being distinct from any surrounding content.
  8. We will never specifically use the provider’s company name, or trading name in our advertising or promotions (unless requested to do so), but will normally simply refer to the provider’s business using the generic term of ‘one of our news feed providers’ should the need arise.
  9. We will pass on any requests for contact with the provider’s company, should they come through us, as quickly as practically possible.

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Last edited on 11th January 2017